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It’s 3 am. Do You Know Where Your ADs Are?

You Are In Control with NichePlus Programmatic.

NP Signature Programmatic is our key strategy for achieving the impressions most desirable for your brand in the digital advertising arena. With our NP Data trade desk, we can go directly to, and secure guaranteed impressions on high quality sites from your own wish list. The very sites that your audience visit on a regular basis. The advantage is your brand aligns with the audience profiles through the high quality context of your AD placement.

NichePlus complements your direct impressions with additional exposure through applicable online RTB ad exchange auctions to secure the best impressions on a wide range of approved networks – and all at a predetermined budget.

This is the most direct control possible for you as a digital advertiser, while also allowing the data system to mathematically source ideal audience matches, build data-focused retargeting strategies and plan for advanced audience modelling based off your own 1st Party data, CRM data and site conversion data.


The Power of One.

And best of all, since NichePlus buys direct on your behalf, you save on ‘technology tax’ that is levied by 3rd party licensees in the supply chain. That is just one of the advantages of NichePlus One Source capabilities. NP Signature Programmatic can distribute your brand messaging through all highest performing channels including the most used digital, social, native, video and streaming TV networks, or layered in at appropriate levels and timings with our custom search marketing program, NP Premium Search.

Data Reigns Supreme. But…

As always with Digital, NP Programmatic data tracking is very precise and managed in real-time, on both the Demand Side and Supply Side.  However, as always in marketing, it is still essential to know your ideal demographic and have clearly defined goals for each and every campaign if you want to move the needle. Spot on messaging still drives the bus, so engaging creative is still essential for a great campaign result. The numbers all add up to something, but only if interpreted strictly and correctly. That’s where NichePlus’ experience and the human touch comes in!


NichePlus is skilled at analysing the metrics and helping you interpret the trends, then determining the best tactics to use in fine tuning the message and delivery for optimum results. It is ironically a very analogue and organic process. We still need good old fashioned marketing know-how to optimize campaigns and plan effective strategies. With the automated aspects of our technology, the buying and distribution is done efficiently in timing and cost effectiveness. This frees NichePlus to work in-depth with you in all aspects of planning, message integration and campaign optimization.

The Niche Advantage: NP Signature Programmatic Gives You More Options & Total Control.

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Find Your Audience. Anytime, Anywhere, Any device With NP Enhanced Programmatic.