Multi-Channel Marketing that gets smarter as it ages 2017-11-16T22:50:46+00:00

The Niche Funnel.

Building a brand requires many techniques and strategies to be successful over the long term. Display advertising does a better job at building brand perception than less visual techniques such as adwords. The reason is simple, visuals and motion and sometimes audio are just more effective tools for story telling and engagement than keywords alone. All have their place in the funnel. NichePlus layers all of these digital tactics at the appropriate time and weights in the campaign cycle.

Your Campaign’s Not Getting Older. It’s Getting Smarter.

We collect all the data and adjust on the fly in a kind of digital-data feedback loop. In essence the campaign gets smarter as it gets older. We use it to fine tune messaging & tactics and ultimately to ‘funnel it forward’ for future campaigns. Some advertisers require more of the brand building power of programmatic display ads, with their rich media opportunities, video and now smart TV. Some more established brands can leverage social media channels to greater extent. The data almost always tells us what we need to do.

The Power Of One.

NichePlus uniquely delivers the most complete digital strategy, designed to enhance your marketshare. We can build your brand perception with the power of NichePlus Programmatic and RTB. We can build your awareness through Social Marketing channels, and ultimately shape the customer’s decision to engage with your brand through search tactics. All along the way collecting powerful first party data and analytics to shape the next campaign. A complete digital strategy, all from a single source.

Niche Funnel Metrics: As Related to Competencies, Behavioral Data & Campaign Timelines.