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Advertiser: City of San Luis Obispo

San Luis Obispo lies halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco, nestled between rolling hills and the coast – Basking in a perfect Mediterranean climate year-round, San Luis Obispo, commonly known as SLO, has a charming downtown full of unique boutiques and restaurants in addition to a beautifully preserved Spanish Mission at the heart of the city.


Performance-Video Targeting

Five entertaining and short videos were produced for the campaign. The NichePlus Data System learned which audiences were more inclined to watch the branding videos to completion, reducing delivery of low performing profiles, and increasing delivery to more engaged audiences. Very high View Through Rates (VTR) were achieved using this method, and invaluable behavioural data – related to online video performance – was gathered for application in future campaigns for SLO, and by extension, all NichePlus clients who wish to leverage the brand-building power of online video.