NichePlus Digital Partners With Sony Pictures Television & Crackle

NichePlus is ecstatic about our new partnership with Sony Pictures Television that will allow us to exclusively deliver CrackleTV to advertisers across Western Canada. What is CrackleTV? Crackle is a free streaming channel that has original content, dramas, anime, comedy, sports and more.  It is just like television because it is “Always On”.  It will [...]

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Targeting Part 2 – Facebook Detail Targeting Tips

Facebook has done an excellent job over the years collecting data on its users.  In fact, I doubt that there is a single word that you can type into Facebook without a piece of code being attached to it.  But all of the interests and behaviours that they track can be overwhelming for advertisers at [...]

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Targeting Part 1 – Facebook’s Location Targeting

Targeting, in my opinion, is the best part of a campaign set up. You have the ability to go broad, or get very granular with your campaign. There are so many targeting options available on different platforms, so it can be difficult to plan this ahead of time. In part one of a multi-part series, [...]

The Importance of Marketing Research

Advertising has come a long way in recent years. We have gone from traditional advertising channels like print, radio and telemarketing, and shifted towards the digital side with email, search, social, mobile and video. We are now sliding further into data driven technology such as programmatic, cross device and addressable TV. When we were in [...]

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Mobile & Search Data

Mobile and Search Data There are more than 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created each day, so it’s no wonder why everyone in the digital world is always talking about data.  But 55% of marketers are not really sure about their understanding of the customer journey, which essentially means that more than half of advertisers [...]

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Reach & Frequency

Reach - /rēCH/ the number of people who are exposed to an advertising message at least once in a given time. Frequency - /’frēkwǝncē/ the number of times a person is exposed to that particular advertising message. Reach and Frequency have long been relied on.  Before online advertisements were even a thing, reach and frequency involved running predictions [...]

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Using Mobile Wallet to Engage Your Customers

What is Mobile Wallet? Mobile Wallet is a tool used to store valuable items such as credit cards, coupons, loyalty cards, boarding passes, etc. so you can have everything you need stored in one place.  It makes routing through your wallet to find that little buy-9-get-one-free card much easier by allowing you to organize it in [...]

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Facebook’s New Camera Feature

Facebook is testing a new Snapchat-like camera at the top of its “News Feed” that automatically launches when the app is opened.  Their hope is to make it easier to post photos and videos, and in turn, increase overall photo sharing on the network. A small amount of users in Canada and Brazil are among [...]

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What are Instagram Stories?

Instagram Stories just another Snapchat?   You may have heard that Instagram has just launched their own “Stories” feature and the buzz about it being almost “identical” to SnapChat.  Here is what you need to know about the similarities and differences with the new Instagram. How is it the same as SnapChat? Post [...]

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